DR MR-45 Hi Beam 4 String Medium (45 - 65 - 85 - 105) Long Scale



4-String (45 - 65 - 85 - 105)


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Stainless Steel Bass Strings wound on Round CoresHi-Beam stainless steel bass strings are round wound and constructed on a round core which is unique in the industry. Hi-Beams require much more time, care and extra steps to make than other bass strings. The extra effort DR expends making Hi-Beams results in a bass string that is highly flexible and musically but not harshly bright. They are renowned for durability, unusually long life, consistency and string-to-string balance. They don’t eat your frets. "

Question: Where Can I Buy a DR MR-45 Hi Beam 4 String Medium (45 - 65 - 85 - 105) Long Scale?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at sales@bestbassgear.com or chatting with our Bass Techs

Q: Is this string durable and consistent from set to set?

A: Yes.

Q: Do these strings have a bright tonal character?

A: Yes.

Q: Do these strings have a fast break-in time?

A: Yes.

Q: What do these strings sound like?

A: See video below.


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Verified Buyer
its a deal
By Deo Rai
if you are in Australia like me this is a steal, its a really good quality string and if you live in Australia this is dirt cheep, I broke a E string because i was winding the wrong direction and went to the local music store to get a single e string and they said it was 40$ AUD, I said F**** off and ordered another pack form bass gear for 24$ for a whole set. but I got diaddrio instead which is also a really good strings and my favourite brand.
Verified Buyer
dr bass strings mr-45 on music man bass guitar
By Zvonimir Bucevic
I put this strings on my music man sting ray 5 - with normal and piezzo pick-up combination, and they sound very good, with balance, loot of clarity
and presence. I even detuned H string down to A note, for a specific recording session, and everybody in the studio was very happy.
I was forced to cut H and E string a bit, to fit on the string peg, but it was "no problem" operation.
Very good strings.
Before I used rotosound, earni ball, ghs , and elixir strings a lot, now I'm swiching to DR.