EMG J Series Jazz Bass Pickup



*For 4 and 5 String Basses*
Size/Purchasing Option  4-String 5-String
American Standard Jazz V
J5 Set
J Set
Standard (Mexico)
MJ Set
X Series
JX Set
$99.00 - $189.00
$99.00 - $189.00

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The original EMG J Set became an instant hit with its sweeping harmonic overtones, punch and quiet operation.

This pickup set has classic jazz bass characteristics with a broader tonal frequency range that adds dimensions and clarity to your bass playing. EMG's design has a very low ratio of resistance to inductance, which increases the low end response, while the radiused ceramic bar magnet ensures the tone keeps a tight mid-range punch with dynamic high end response. Whether you play fretted or fretless, live or in the studio, you'll get an incredibly full sound with these bass pickups.

The added head room and dynamic response of the X Series preamp gives players an active pickup with the feel closer to a passive.

Package Includes

  • EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cables
  • Prewired control set including 2 volume controls
  • Master tone control
  • Output jack
  • Battery clip set
  • Adjustment screws

J & JX – “ 4 String ” Size

  • Maximum Recommended String Width: SJ & LJ 69.2mm (2.725")
  • Dimensions
  • Pickup Length: Neck = 91.18mm (3.590") Bridge = 93.99mm (3.70")

MJ – “ 4 String ” Size

  • The MJ Set is a direct replacement for a Fender Mexican Jazz Bass™. On these instruments, Fender decided to use two of the same pickup sizes, rather than the short/long used on the standard Jazz Bass. The MJ is the same as our original J Set, but both pickups are the same size.
  • Maximum Recommended String Width: MJ Set 69.2mm (2.725")
  • Dimensions
  • Pickup Length: Neck = 91.18mm (3.590") Bridge = 91.18mm (3.590")

J5 – “ 5 String American Standard ” Size

  • Maximum Recommended String Width: SJ5 & LJ5 88.4mm (3.48")
  • Dimensions
  • Pickup Length: Neck = 100.9mm (3.970") Bridge = 104.1mm (4.10")

Please Note:EMG supplies chrome screws with their pickups. If you require black or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.


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Verified Buyer
By Dave
EMG made a growly set of pickups here EMG J5 Set – Five String Jazz
Bass Pickup. Pair it with the EMG BTC 2 band preamp adds a lot of
control on the tone. Add stainless steel strings and these sound like
a chainsaw even completely attenuating all the treble – cut through
the mix like buttered alligators. Very pleased with this set up.
Thanks BBG. And of course quick delivery times as usual.
Verified Buyer
By John Doherty
Thanks again BBG for your gereat service, great prices and fast shipping. The P/U arrived as described and was packaged professionally!!!!
This is my second BBG transaction and it was as smooth as the first!
Merry Christmas!
Verified Buyer
Bassist for 45 years
By Mike
Love EMG's, I have them on several of my instruments and I highly recommend them. Thank you BEST BASS GEAR for your promp turn around time and for having this pickup in stock and ready to ship.
Verified Buyer
By Cris Estrada
I used this pickup with another EMG LJ that's at least 15 yrs. old or more to replace the stock pickups on my Tobias Toby Bass V 5-string bass. Great tone, solid output and even string response throughout the entire sound spectrum of the instrument. Nothing fancy, just the tried & true and time tested set-up of vol./vol./tone on the controls. Credit & kudos to Ty Shiroma of the Guitar Works (Honolulu) for the really nice job on the conversion.
Verified Buyer
Vagabond at Large
By Pete
I've had this installed for about a week now. I'm using it in conjunction with an EMG P-bass Pickup, and the EMG BQC active preamp.

I've played out with this setup 3 times now, and I'm totally impressed with the new sonic territories I get to explore. More importantly, all the band members I've played with have indicated that this has added a new dimension to the sound of the band.

Totally worth what I paid!
Verified Buyer
Great pups!
By Evan Belleau
I ordered these for my fender american special and they add that perfect punch for the metal riffs my band and I lay down. Great customer service and speedy delivery, thanks!
Verified Buyer
Emg Jx
By Richard
Fantastic , noticed a big difference in punch and high end clarity. Had to remove all the washers to create room for the battery, so the pot shafts stick out a lot but that's a minor issue.
Verified Buyer
Thank you
By Richard Donohue
The Pickups went into a Fender 70's re-issue Jazz bass. It had Dimarzio's 149 and a Babicz bridge in it when i got it but due to the curved neck it gave me a louder E and G string. I own a $5000 Fbass that I put p45 and 45 dc in and due to the same reason and it also sounds awesome.
Verified Buyer
Great sounding pickups, simple to install
By Maurice Ward
Very easy to install, clean sound, no buzz.
Verified Buyer
Great pickups, Easy install
By Aproud1
Great pickups with solderless install. Really do the Jazz Bass on steroids sound well. Very quiet great sound without a preamp. They are slightly bigger than factory pickups so if you have a tight route or one that has a heavy poly finish you might have your work cut out for you.