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EMG VMC Variable Mid Control

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  • 1-Band: 1 Knob
  • Mid/Mid Stack
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Control Configuration

  1. Mid/Mid Stack

The VMC (Variable-Mid-Control) is perfect for dialing in just the tone you want. Using the cut to reduce the mids gives you that classic full bottom end with a snappy high end. By boosting the mids you can get a fat and boomy low end.

Package Included

  • 1 VMC Control
  • 1 Set Concentric Knobs
  • 1 Battery Clip with Buss Connector
  • 1 Stereo Output Jack (Battery Switching)
  • 4 Interconnect Cables (2 Red, 2 White)

Technical Specifications

  • Input Impedance (Ohms) - 500K Ohm
  • Gain/Attenuation/ Mid Frequency Control - +/-12db/(Adjustable)
  • Input Referred Noise - -120dbV
  • Output Impedance (Ohms) - 2K
  • Recommended Supply Voltage - 18 Volts
  • Current @ 9V/18V (Microamps) - 600/740
  • Battery Life (Hours) - 750
  • Maximum Supply (Volts DC) - 27 Volts


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Verified Buyer
The EMG VMC is good!
By Don Rousell
I have always loved EMG pups and electronics. I have installed EMG's in all of my basses from the J Set to the JX Set and the BTC and VMC in two basses. I recently replaced another popular pup and controls with the EMG J Set, BTC and VMC and it sounds like home. I originally went with the another popular pup because I was looking for a different sound and it just didn't cut thru when I played that bass after playing a bass with EMG's on board. It was evident I had to go with EMG and I'm glad I did. The sound, punch and flexibility is easy to call up. In the defense of the other pup manufacturer I believe the bass would have delivered better if the bass body was a heavier wood instead of the 4.5lb body I have. Ironically the body weight isn't a challenge for the EMG's. It sounds great. Hope this review helps.
Verified Buyer
By Tom Batts
love the way the VMC works with my jazz bass - With the ceramic and steel EMG pickups!! Very similar to a stationary wah. There are a lot of options for midrange control using this device.