Gotoh GB7 Tuner



Gotoh GB7 in Chrome, Black, Gold and in Bass Side and Treble Side

$15.00 - $19.00
$15.00 - $19.00

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Upgrade or replace your existing 3/8" tuning keys with Gotoh GB7's

GB7's are a modern style tuning key available in Chrome, Black, and Gold finishes, and Treble and Bass Side orientation.

These are sealed tuning keys, that are die-cast enclosed for permanent lubrication, durability, and long-life. These are intended for bass guitars with a 9/16" headstock bore hole.

20:1 Gear-Ratio.

Package Includes:

  • 1 GB7 Tuner
  • Matching Finish Mounting Screw, Hex Nut, & Washer.

Question: Where Can I Buy a Gotoh GB7 Tuner?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Tuner Fits great.
By Lenny Mo
I had to replace a Gotoh style tuning key on my
26 year old Pedulla 5. The Gotoh fits really well and
a nice feel on the tuning key also.
Verified Buyer
Updating My Schecter Elite 5-string
By A Good Buy
Currently, I am updating my Schecter Elite 5-string. These tuning Keys work great on the Schecter Bass and were a good buy.
They are very smooth and keep control of the tuning. It has made tuning the bass a whole lot easier. Before, my tuner would show a string as being high or low and it was just so hard to get it tweaked in.
Now, if I turn it, it goes up and if I turn it the other way it goes down...very precise...and, I have enjoyed the new set the last few weeks.
Verified Buyer
Gotah bass tuners
By william Voight
I have replace the tuning keys on all my Cort basses that didn't come with ultra light tuners, with the Gotah replacement units.
As always, great service from the team at Best Bass Gear. Highly recommended.
Verified Buyer
Hipshot tuners.
By william Voight
High quality replacement tuners and great service as always.
Verified Buyer
Gotah bass tuners
By william Voight
great service and communication
Verified Buyer
Gotah bass tuners
By william Voight
Excellent sercice and great communication
Verified Buyer
By Owen
I bought this to replace a tuner my daughter broke (she plays bass too, so proud). Other than the fact that the new tuner did not match the factory tuner NOR the Gotoh tuner I used to replace one that I had broken years ago, it was perfect. If you want perfectly matched tuner buy a whole set. But no one will even notice except you.
Verified Buyer
By Lalo Garcia
Gotoh Bass keys are the best in Business! Period .
Verified Buyer
By Chris Carter
Great product and fast delivery all at fantastic price
Verified Buyer
By Anderson Jhonny
Excellent product!! It's always a pleasure to buy from this store. Keep the good work guys!!!
Verified Buyer
a good one
By Stijn Kenens
I just ordered one, as a replacement for a broken key.
I think it is the best one on the bass from now on !
Verified Buyer
Gotoh tuner
By Benjamin
I got this tuner as a replacement to a broken tuner for my fretless bass. It's easy to install and once install it's rock solid and stays in tune.
Verified Buyer
sweet tuner
By Deo Rai
I love this, love bassgear for free shipping and its a deal, high quality tuner at a good price, I have done all my bass parts shopping form here since I found them.
Verified Buyer
Perfect Fit
By Sean
The tuner fit perfectly on my old Tobias Growler.
Verified Buyer
By Ken Chubb
Great service from Best Bass, even free shipping. The tuning key matched my existing ones perfectly so only bought one. works so well and smoothly that I'm thinking of changing the rest even though the other stock tuners still work.
Verified Buyer
gotoh bass tuners
By Tim VanHook
I love these tuners. I never dreamed changing tuners could make such a difference. Silky smooth. What I was impressed with most was customer service @BBG! I called and ordered the tuners and got into a conversation with the sales guy about input jacks and we ended up talking for more than 30 minutes. These guys love bass guitars and love helping players out.y and now have a customer for life!