Guild DS-1 Bi-Sonic 4 String Single Coil Bridge Pickup

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The Guild classic Bi-Sonic bass pickup is a vintage single coil re-issue of the Hagstrom pickup found on the original Guild Starfire® basses, and now the new M85 bass.

Whether you want to channel your inner Jack Casady, Phil Lesh or want a piece of Guild history on your bass, the DS1 Bi-Sonic is a perfect fit.

We have a routing template for those interested in new builds or modifying their current instrument.

This template can be found here: Click for Darkstar Template

Technical Specifications

  • Pickup Position: Bridge
  • DC Resistance: 6.40K Ohms
  • Magnet Type: Alnico II
  • 16mm Pole Spacing

Question: Where Can I Buy a Guild DS-1 Bi-Sonic 4 String Single Coil Bridge Pickup?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
great pu for narrow spacing basses
I use both the Novak Bi-Sonic and this one and they look nearly identical. Main difference is this Guild pu comes narrow spacing only. The Novak comes both narrow and Fender spacing but is over twice the price.
Verified Buyer
Classic is Back in Vougue
By Mark Groody
On a whim I put this pickup with a Bartolini 3 band in an Ibanez Artcore Long Scale with some Thomasik-Infeld flats.... Bang! Jack Casady's 68' Crown of Creation and Bless It's Pointed Little Head sound. These work well with the ACG filter pre's for the Lesh sound. I play all styles and use different basses, Alembic, Smith etc., but when called to recreate that old S.F. sound for tribute bands, everybody gets chills.
Verified Buyer
Sounds as great as it looks!
By Serek Basses
I build bass guitars and use these in one of my models. I own a Hammon Darkstar, so I was initially skeptical this pickup could even come close to the warm, full range, hot output of the Hammon. I installed these in my shortscale bass and had it strung up with both rounds and flats and I have to say I am very impressed with these reissues. They are a great value and I will continue to use them.
Verified Buyer
By Jeff
Most beautiful tone!
Verified Buyer
By Eric Ravensclaw
Bought a pair of these with the sole purpose of rewinding them. After much testing & reworking I came up with an acceptable combination that really rocks the house, yet can smooth out and nail that woody, mellow Starfire bass tone that the 60's Guild basses were famous for. I scatter wound with #41 straight enamel. 7.4k for the neck pickup, 12.35k for the bridge. I also switched to AlNiCo V magnets with a 3/4 charge. I potted these with a 50/50 mix of paraffin & beeswax.