Hipshot HE6C 3/8" Bass Xtender



Hipshot HE6C 3/8" Xtender in Satin Chrome, Nickel, Black, and Gold and in Bass, and Treble Side.

$66.30 - $83.50
$66.30 - $83.50

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Extend the range of your bass with the ultralite Xtender Key! 3/8" model (diameter of stringpost) is designed to fit 9/16" headstock holes. This Xtender can be upgraded to include a Double Stop lever.

Bass Extender Key brings this proven versatility to the modern electric bass! With a quick flick of the handy thumb lever, the HIPSHOT Bass Extender Key instantly expands your range without leaving position. Tunable to any note from "E" to low "C".


Package Includes:

  • 1 HE6C 3/8" Detuner
  • Installation instructions and mounting hardware

Question: Where Can I Buy a Hipshot HE6C 3/8" Bass Xtender?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at sales@bestbassgear.com or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Love my Hipshot D Tuner
By Geri O
Got the D Tuner in the mail Installed it. No problems. Fit my Mike Lull M5V 5-string Jazz-type bass perfectly (installed the D tuner on the B string, if anyone has to ask). BTW, if anyone is interested, the Lull bass will do low A wonderfully. I may get the accessory piece that allows two-step D tuning, but for now, I'm gonna see how well I can deal with the low A, I play with a couple of Worship leaders that love Bb...:o))). The tuning between tuned and D-tuned stays perfect as long as the B string is in tune. All in all, a great accessory to have.