Hipshot HB6C 3/8" UltraLite Tuner



Hipshot HB6C 3/8" Cloverkey Tuner in Satin Chrome, Nickel, Black, and Gold in Treble and Bass side

$26.00 - $31.50
$26.00 - $31.50

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Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders! Hipshot’s Ultralight Bass Tuning Machines are made of durable, precision machined aircraft-quality aluminum to lighten your load, and give you the correct instrument balance without sacrificing tuning accuracy or durability.

Heavy zinc bass tuners add unnecessary weight to your headstock, straining your neck and shoulder. It also restricts your left hand to holding up an unbalanced instrument, robbing you of the necessary freedom of motion so essential to a natural, relaxed playing technique.

Sleek and compact, easily installed on the smallest of 4, 5, 6 & Extended Range Bass headstocks.

The 3/8" inch diameter version fits basses with a headstock hole size of 9/16 inch.

Bass side = Left side of headstock on a right handed bass. Treble side = Right side of headstock on a right handed bass.

All finish colors have Hipshot Logo. Lighter yet possesses full size gears and string post.

Cloverleaf Key

Please Note:

Due to the variation in peg-head bore size on basses with 1/2" post sized tuners Hipshot offers 3 different bushing diameters for their Ultralight tuners and Ultralight Detuners.

There are three different bushing sizes available for Ultralight tuning keys.

  • .618" 15.7mm
  • .660" 16.7mm
  • .700" 17.7mm

0.618"(15.7mm) is intended for a smaller bore size of 16mm. Examples of basses that utilize this particular bushing include Fender U.S.A, Lakland Skyline or any basses built with the Hipshot Lic. Ultralight 1/2" tuning keys.

0.660"(16.7mm) is the standard bushing size that comes supplied with the US made Ultralight tuning keys. Fits many basses with 17 - 17.5mm bore hole.

0.700"(17.7mm) is intended for the larger bore hold found on many Made In Mexico Fender basses, or any bass that utilizes a 18mm bore hole.

Question: Where Can I Buy a Hipshot HB6C 3/8" UltraLite Tuner?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at sales@bestbassgear.com or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Great tuners and great service from BBG
By Michael Bellenir
Better than the Hipshot Lic. tuners for sure. Have to pay a little more for them but there is a difference between the Lic. tuners and the USA tuners.... there seems to be more play in the Hipshot Lic. tuners and the USA Hipshot tuners don't have the same issues as the Lic. tuners when it comes to fitting the tuning peg holes. A better product overall for sure. Very nice lightweight tuners. installed these on my new Fender Mustang PJ bass..... no more neck dive. :)
Verified Buyer
By Robert richmond
Great quality, perfect fit, smooth operation, no neck dive, period-correct appearance.
Verified Buyer
HIpshot Tuners
By Jason
These are the best possible upgrade to the top side of your bass. Very smooth, light weight, and hold perfectly!