Hipshot HB6Y 3/8" UltraLite Tuner



Hipshot HB6Y 3/8" Y Key Tuner in Satin Chrome, Nickel, Black, and Gold in Treble and Bass side

$26.00 - $31.50
$26.00 - $31.50

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Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders! Hipshot’s Ultralight Bass Tuning Machines are made of durable, precision machined aircraft-quality aluminum to lighten your load, and give you the correct instrument balance without sacrificing tuning accuracy or durability.

Heavy zinc bass tuners add unnecessary weight to your headstock, straining your neck and shoulder. It also restricts your left hand to holding up an unbalanced instrument, robbing you of the necessary freedom of motion so essential to a natural, relaxed playing technique.

Sleek and compact, easily installed on the smallest of 4, 5, 6 & Extended Range Bass headstocks.

The 3/8" inch diameter version fits basses with a headstock hole size of 9/16 inch.

Bass side = Left side of headstock on a right handed bass. Treble side = Right side of headstock on a right handed bass.

All finish colors have Hipshot Logo. Lighter yet possesses full size gears and string post.

Y Key

Question: Where Can I Buy a Hipshot HB6Y 3/8" UltraLite Tuner?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at sales@bestbassgear.com or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Quality Tuners
By Jeff
I have installed these HB6Y tuners on both of my MTD Kingston basses. They feel sturdy, work smoothly, and fit perfectly with no additional drilling, etc. in the headstock. I'm very pleased.
Verified Buyer
Tuner replacement
By J.B.
I recently acquired an Elrick Expat e-volution 4 on which the D-string tuner Y-key had a gloss-black finish; other three were flat-black. I ordered a black Hipshot HB6Y 3/8" Y-key tuner from Best Bass Gear. The fit and finish perfectly matched the other three older tuners, so replacement restored my bass to the original look and feel I was hoping for. It's nice to have a resource you can count on like Best Bass Gear for the little things.
Verified Buyer
Hipshot ultralight tuners hb6y 3/8 satin tuners
By joseph infante
These are by far the best tuning keys I've ever used. They are solid, light weight and attractive. Over the years I've had Gotohs, Shallers and Grovers and they all did their job. The Hipshots take it to the next level. I put these on all my basses.
Verified Buyer
Hipshot:Ultralight Tuners:HB6Y 3/8 Treble Gold
By paul oueijane
This is a great set of tuners. Recommended to everyone who wants to upgrade their tuners. They stay in tune, very light weight and durable.

Thank you Bestbassgear for an awesome purchase experience. Very easy to deal with and fast delivery.

Verified Buyer
By Joseph Sheldon
I have a set of these on every Warwick bass I own. They are consistant, turn smoothy and stay in tune. I find that when replacing a set on a 5 string bass the difference in weight at the headstock is typically at least 6 Oz helping most any neck dive situation as well as being the best tuner i have found on the market.
Verified Buyer
Excellent product
I am very satisfied with this tuner,it has a good quality, and it is working well till now. I am also satisfied with shipping.
Verified Buyer
Great Tuners
By Brian Crisman
I didn't think I'd notice the weight savings with these tuners but I was wrong......it made a noticeable difference on my Ric 5 string. The black finish is uniform and the tuning action is precise. No complaints.
Verified Buyer
The perfect tuner
By richnota
Light and precise. takes a lot of weight of you headstock.

Perfect in my book; not sure they could be improved.

+++they can be disassembled and switched from "left" to "right" if needed.
Verified Buyer
By Vincent Saladino
Excellent product, they're great for balancing neck heavy basses and stay in tune.
Verified Buyer
Weekend Warrior
By Kevin Glenn
Much lighter than the Schallers I had and they work wonderfully! Holds the strings tight and has a higher gear ratio - better tuning accuracy. Made my bass feel lighter and the neck is no longer slightly heavy. My basses overall balance better because of the reduced weight on the head stock. Highly recommended.
Verified Buyer
Excellent product
I am very satisfied with this product, it has a high quality. I like it. and it working very well.
Verified Buyer
Tuners - Service
By WmRobins
Very nice tuners and superb service from BestBass. Nice company to do business with - WGR
Verified Buyer
I love them... light weight well balance ..and awesome design ... on top of that.. BBG has the best prices..
Verified Buyer
A great replacement.
By Peter Sz
I upgraded to these because the tuners on my Cirrus' were failing. The stock tuners should have been pitched a while ago. These new tuners installed in a snap. The detuner came with a screw, the regular tuners did not. The feel and look great imo. The black finish appears to be of good quality. Cheapest prices online.
Verified Buyer
Owner, Campbell Guitar Works
By Marc Campbell
Awesome tuners. They are used in 90% of my client's customs builds, and also my own basses.