Delano 4 String Hybrid Series Pickups

Will these Delano 4 String Hybrid Series Pickups work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

The Delano Hybrid pickup is a radically new approach to tonal variety. The Hybrid pickup combines two legendary sounds under a single MusicMan cover.

Part Jazz Bass Single Coil & part MusicMan Stingray Humbucker the authentic sound is created using Delano's own integrated switching concept. The integrated switch management lets you get both of these great classic sounds at the touch of a toggle, each one reconstructed exactly in its original form with all its strengths and nuances of character. The internal switching is lightening fast & very flexible to allow you to get the settings for the tonal variety you desire. Neutral setting is conveniently located in the center position.

The Hybrid Series pickups are passive in design, but work nicely when combined with Delano's Sonar 2 & Sonar 3 onboard active EQ allowing further tonal manipulation.The Hybrid series pickups can only be combined with other Hybrid models including the JC4 Al-H & the PMVC4 Al-H to provide you with more options for that custom bass of your dreams.

The Hybrid Series pickup comes supplied with a custom mini-toggle switch & unique treble-highcut potentiometer.

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  1. Delano Hybrid Series

    $129.00 - $232.00
    *For your 4, and 5 String Basses*
    An uncompromising pickup series that combines in one single construction the two most legendary sounds in bass history! Part 1: J-Bass™ Single coil bridge pickup with the immortal characteristics of early 60’s pickups....
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