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Large Black Aluminum Knob

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2 Set screws. Fits standard split shaft pots and solid shaft pots with 6mm diameter. Included are sleeves for use over split shaft pots for tight fit.
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Large Black Aluminum Knob

2 Set screws.Fits standard split'shaft pots and solid shaft pots with 6mm diameter. Included are sleeves for use over split'shaft pots for tight fit.Dimensions are 0.75"(19.0mm) diameter, 0.62"(15.7mm) height.


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Verified Buyer
Mimi like!!
By MiChelle Taylor from on 12/4/2016
perfect! just what I was looking for! I needed knobs with a visible marker that I can see when I look down. I got 2 of the big ones for bass and treble, and 1 little one for the pan pot. Together they make a nice clean surface. I'm very happy.
Verified Buyer
Form and Function
By Red from on 1/15/2014
These are FANTASTIC knobs. Easily seen on a dark stage and made incredibly well. Add a touch of class to any bass.
Verified Buyer
Nice Style!
By Sam from on 1/15/2014
I love em! They dress up my Mike Lull M4V nicely!
Verified Buyer
Great knobs
By A Proud from on 1/15/2014
My favorite knobs. These go on all my basses. Well except for jazz basses, they only look right to me with proper jazz knobs.

These knobs are seriously great. Light and well made.
Verified Buyer
Large Black Aluminum Knobs
By Ben Harmsen from on 1/15/2014
I bought five of these lightweight functional beauties to replace the five h-e-a-v-y gold knobs on a Yamaha BB-NE.
Very similar, if not identical to knobs fitted to Sadowsky basses.
Verified Buyer
High quality on a budget
By Ethan from on 1/15/2014
I bought these to replace the costly knobs missing from my second-hand Pedulla bass. These are the same knobs at half the price!
Verified Buyer
By Matt from on 1/15/2014
I bought these to replace the standard plastic jazz bass knobs.They are well machined,fit tightly,and feel good to the finger tips.Its nice to look down and not have to guess where my settings are due to the groovy white line.Nice!!
Verified Buyer
Lg Black Aluminum Knob
By BassiliskI like them. from on 1/15/2014
Very nicely turned - look real good. I used them on an EMG preamp installed in a Steinberger XM-2. A good companion to the aluminum stack knobs. Keep in mind they're about 1/2" in diameter.
Verified Buyer
Large Black Aluminum Knob
By lam penny from on 1/15/2014
the product is good in share and the service of shipping is quite fast.thankyou for the help
Verified Buyer
Nice knobs
By Bass4worship from on 1/15/2014
I got these to upgrade my knobs on a SB5000. Every thing was fine except for the stack aluminum knob, to small for the shaft. Other wise they look cool.