Mike Plyler 1/2" Thick MDF Precision Size Template

SKU:BBG 4715


Intended for 4, 5, and some 6 String P Bass Pickups

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Mike Plyler MDF Pickup Routing Template

CNC precision cut from 1/2" MDF - Dimensions - roughly 5" X 8"

Routing Template designed for Precision "P" Pickups

*Please Note:The dimensions of the opening of the template are slightly oversized of the pickups intended for its exact use.The template dimensions will be larger by approximately 1-2mm. This is done to provide clearance for the variants in the pickup dimensions between manufacturers and to ensure height adjustment on the pickup.


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Verified Buyer
Perfect for my Custom P-style
By David M
This template is perfect for the standard P-style pickups. The corners are not overly rounded and the screw flanges are not so large that a gaping channel is left between the pick-up and the body. I am very pleased with this. I recommend a a standard 1/2" bit to get the bulk of the material routed, and then a smaller router bit to clean out the corners.
Verified Buyer
P-Bass template
By Justin
This is my second review of this template. I routed a bass with this template and sent it out to be painted. I purchased the pickups after it came back. When I tried to install the pickups they didn't fit even though I drilled out the corners as I mentioned in my previous review. I checked the fit of the pickup in the template itself and I could barely press them through. As you can see in the picture it's a tight fit. Now with the body painted I'm trying to figure out the best way to enlarge the routes to fit the pickups and not damage the paint.