Noble 250k Blend M/N Taper as used in Aguilar preamps



250k Blend Pot
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Noble - 250 K Blend Pot - Z250K/X250K Blend - aka MN taper - as used in Aguilar preamps New Version

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Question: Where Can I Buy a Noble 250k Blend M/N Taper as used in Aguilar preamp?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
YES! As a tech/builder I have spent years chasing down good balance/blend pots. This one delivers the goods. Thank you Best bass gear for doing your homework on this one. Just installed it in my own bass and it sounds great.
Verified Buyer
One potent potentiometer
By Cody Cox
Often people forget that one of the crucial key features in electric instruments is the........ Electronics. Lol. Anyway, Noble makes awesome parts and you won't believe what a difference good quality pots will do for your instrument. Highly recommend them. My go to pots. Thanks
Verified Buyer
Good pot
By Audiel
The pot is solid and does what is supposed to do.
Verified Buyer
By Samuel Camden
It's installed and working just fine. I much prefer these types of potentiometers to dual volume controls. Faster and easier to use.
Verified Buyer
250K Blend Pot
By Adrian D. Bell
Used this to replace the second volume pot in a Bartolini 4.2A/P in conjunction with an X55CBJD set; works as expected.
Verified Buyer
250k blend pot
By alessandro
rough construction with MN type curve and center detente, one of the best I have purchased