Noble 50k EQ Potentiometer Linear Taper Stacked Center Detente 6/8mm Split Shaft



50K w/center detente - for active systems
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Noble 50K Stacked EQ Linear Taper Potentiometer w/Center Detente for Active Systems

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Question: Where Can I Buy a Noble 50k EQ Potentiometer Linear Taper Stacked Center Detente 6/8mm Split Shaft?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Good pot, good value
By Billy
Perfect fit for the broken EQ pot in my Dean Demonator
Verified Buyer
Great product
By Chris
This pot is a perfect fit to replace the stacked bass/treble pot on my NTBT preamp.
Verified Buyer
Great Pot
By Jimmy Pearsall
When I used a pick on my G&L M2500 I would sometimes turn the volume down. I moved the volume control to the treble spot and stacked the bass on top of the mid controls in the existing bass position. Turn out great, I'm very pleased.
Verified Buyer
Great Pot
By David Haynes
I needed more space to mount a tone controller and the double stack was the perfect solution. It works great and looks even better.
Verified Buyer
Replaced a broken Pot
By Jack Balauro
Looked high and low for the stacked Bass/Treble pot for my Tobias Growler. Installed it and works perfect, nice and quiet too.
Verified Buyer
By Frank
Great part. Works perfect. I recieved it quickly.
Verified Buyer
50k Stacked Pot
By Alessandro
Very good pot, it his linear and it has a center detent on both section, the costruction is very rough the same you see on Bartolini and other quality brand, the price per unit is quite high unless you order a more larger quantity