NOLL 500k/220k Volume/Blend Potentiometer Stacked 4/6mm Solid Shaft

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500KB Volume/ 220KA+220KC Blend Stacked Control
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Noll 500k/220K Volume/Blend Stacked Control

This potentiometer design is for various space-saving applications, depending on the resistance value and taper. Such as volume/balance or active controls.

500KB Volume/ 220KA+220KC Blend Stacked Control

Threaded section is M10 x 0.75, Length 10mm, Solid Shaft 4mm upper, 6mm lower.

Cavity depth of 27mm required.

Please Note: Noll does not supply knobs with their stacked potentiometers.
We recommended the purchase of either Noll or Glockenklang stacked knobs,
as these are the only knobs available that will fit Noll stacked pots.

Click Here for Noll knobs

Click here for Glockenklang knobs


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