NOLL TCM2 Precision Bass 1-Pickup 2-Knob 2-Band Vol/Tone P/P A/P Stack - Treb/Bass Stack

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  • 1-Pickup, 2-band, 2-knob
  • Volume/Passive Tone Stack(Active/Passive Push-Pull) - Treble/Bass Stack
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Control Configuration

1-Pickup 2-Band System

  1. Volume/Passive Tone Stack(Active/Passive Push-Pull)
  2. Treble/Bass Stack

Onboard Preamp


The NOLL TCM 2 for Precision Bass ®is a compact equalizer that provides and easy and space-saving installation.

The TCM2 is a complete assembly with concentric Volume/Passive Tone (Push-Pull Active/Passive),concentric Treble/Bass, jack, and metal knob set.

The Bass and Treble controls are center-detented and allow 15 dB of boost and cut with a gentle slope of 6dB per octave which results in a natural, transparent, and true sound.

This equalizer can be powered with a minimum 9-volt battery, or 18v to ensure more headroom and longer battery life.

The NOLL TMC 2 can be combined with either active or passive pickups.

Potentiometers have a 6mm solid shaft, while any stacked control has 4mm upper, and 6mm lower solid shafts.

Recommended For:

This preamp is recommended for a 2-knob control layout like found on the Fender Precision ® bass.

Installation Depth:

  • 29 mm without battery
  • 36 mm with battery
  • Technical Specifications

    The low impedance output of the TCM 2 provides other great features. You can run a cable for up to 100 feet (30 m) without losing high frequency response.

    Input Impedance >1 MOhm
    Output Impedance <10 KOhm
    Input Sensitivity max. 450mV @ 9V
    Output Voltage max. 4,5V @ 9V
    S-N-Ratio 96dB (1KHz/5Vss)
    Bass Control +/- 15dB @ 80Hz
    Treble Control +/- 15dB @ 4,2KHz
    Operating Voltage +9V (+18V optional)
    Power Consumption typ. 0,4mA @ 9V / 1200h Batt. Life
    Dimensions 21x21x12 mm


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