Nordstrand 3B-5b 2-Pickup 5-Knob 3-Band Vol P/P A/P - Bl - Tone - Mid P/P - Treb/Bass Stack

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3B-5b ( 2 pickup - 5 Knob)- Volume (pull passive)- Blend- Passive Tone- Mid (pull frequency selector)- Treble/Bass Stack
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Nordstrand 3B-5b

Control Configuration

  1. Volume (Push/Pull Active/Passive)
  2. Blend
  3. Passive Tone
  4. Mid(Push/Pull)
  5. Treble/Bass Stack
  6. Technical Specifications

  7. Overall Gain: +/- 10db by a trim pot on the module
  8. Treble: +/- 12db @4khz
  9. Midrange:+/-12 dB@1K (mid freq selector toggles between 1kHz and 400Hz with no external capacitors
  10. Bass:+/- 12db @ 50hz
  11. Battery life is estimated to be around 180 hours for an Alkaline 9v. Adding an additional battery for 18v will provide more headroom and longer battery life.

    Module dimensions; L 1.33" (34mm) x W .905" (23mm) x D .433" (11mm)


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The preamp to use with Nordstrand Big Singles
By David Laird
Just installed this preamp in my Ibanez BTB bass. I'm pairing this with the Big Singles pickups and man, does it sound great. The notes (all of them) ring clear and distinct. Lots of gain from the preamp if you need it but I think it is best to balance the gain with the passive mode so as not to have too big a jump in volume when switching between active and passive. The tone control works in both active and passive modes. A nice bonus if you want to roll back the highs just a little bit. Run this preamp with 18v DC for more headroom and longer battery life. The preamp comes prewired and there is an included schematic to show where to hook up the pickups and output jack. Do yourself and your bass a favor and drop this in for a major improvement in tone.