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  1. EMG 35P4AX 4 String M3(EMG 35) Size X Series Pickup Alnico

    Magnet Type: A Resonant Frequency (KHz) 2.61 Output Voltage (Finger, Thumb) 2.00 Output Voltage (Thump) 8.50 Output Noise (60 Hz) -101 Output Impedance (Kohm) 2.0 Current@9V(Microamps) 80 Battery Life (Hours) 3000 MaximumSupply(VoltsDC) 27 Alnico...
  2. OPEN BOX EMG LJVX 4 String Jazz L Size X Series Bridge Pickup

    OPEN BOX 4 String X Series Stacked Coil Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup Only
    OPEN BOX, AS NEW, UNINSTALLED, PACKAGE FOR WIRING KIT IS STILL SEALED. Please see photos for cosmetic condition. Available as a separate unit, the LJVX is the longer of the two pickups in the JVX Set, usually located in the bridge position.The EMG...
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