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Prewired Passive Harness (Volume-Tone)

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Vol - Tone

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Control Configuration

  1. Volume
  2. Tone


This 2 control passive prewire is intended for instruments with a single pickup, and tone control like the Fender Precision ® bass.

These prewires are built in house by hand and utilize high quality Noble 250k Audio Taper Potentiometers, Sprague Orange Drop 0.047µF capacitors, and Standard Switchcraft Jack.

The Noble pot shafts are 6mm splined, split-knurled shaft. These can be converted to 1/4" if necessary using brass pot sleeves.

Please Note:

This prewire is built with wire lengths for a P Bass utilizing the pickguard. If a different length is required, please specify on your order comments.


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Verified Buyer
Prewire passive harness
By Lewis sharman from on 12/14/2017
Product came fast when looking at it had doubts on it but installed it and it works
Verified Buyer
Passive "P" Harness
By from on 11/9/2016
Clean,easy to solder leads. Not thrilled by the "throw". Most of the activity.volume or tone roll off, occurs at about 80% of your turn.
Verified Buyer
Highly recommended, unless you want "vintage" hookup wire
By from on 8/6/2016
High quality components and assembly, smooth potentiometers. If you're going for a more vintage look then you'll need cloth insulated wires, however, that makes little sense since it's all out of sight under the pickguard. Shipped and delivered with BBG's typical high-speed service.
Verified Buyer
Pretty good
By James Miller from on 1/17/2014
A little surprised to see mini pots and very thin wires, but it's very solidly made and the pots are excellent.
Verified Buyer
was hoping
By william hoover from on 1/17/2014
nice harness--good price-easy to install--good drag on the knobs--friendly service
Verified Buyer
Semi retired/Semi pro
By theodore breuer from on 1/17/2014
Excellent service,These parts are top notch all the way.Would recommend to everyone.Thanks again.
Verified Buyer
P bass pre wired harness
By jim from on 1/17/2014
Love it. That's it. Perfect for self built or refurbed bass
Verified Buyer
By Barry Boettger from on 1/17/2014
Excellent prompt service, the quality of the workmanship and parts seems to be excellent, the instructions for installation were good.