Delano 5 String SBC Series Pickups

Frankie - Bass Tech Will these Delano 5 String SBC Series Pickups work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

Delano's SBC (Soapbar) pickups make a great addition to any Soapbar equipped 5 String bass. Whether you are searching for a Dual Coil or Quad-Coil configuration Delano has a pickup to get the tone you have been searching for.

The Delano SBC series are retrofit pickups for 5 String Soapbar instruments and can be installed in any kind of bass with similar pickup routings.Delano offers three different popular retrofit sizes for their Soapbar pickups; EMG 40, Bartolini BD, & Bartolini P2 sizes.

The Soapbar pickups can be run fully passive, or in conjunction with an onboard active EQ to provide further tone shaping. Delano also uses a quality closed pickup cover to provide isolation from unwanted microphonics & feedback.

Used & respected by world class builders such as Sandberg, Human Base, Marleaux, Clover, Ken Lawrence, Vigier, Conklin, Sei, Mayones, Eliezer Lara, Ristola, & Stambaugh Delano SBC pickups are a driving force for your Soapbar replacement needs.

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  1. Delano SBC HE/S Dual Coil Series Soapbar

    $135.00 - $332.00
    *For your 4, 5 and 6 String Basses*
    DELANO SBC series bass pickups are dual coil highend electric bass humbuckers in the classic bass soapbar shapes, available for four, five, and six string basses. They represent the leading edge in dedicated bass transducer technology. Unbelievably...
  2. Delano SBC HE/S-4 Quad Coil Series Soapbar

    $164.00 - $390.00
    *For your 4,5 and 6 String Basses*
    We took the development of our soapbar bass humbuckers another big step further by incorporating four separate coils. The result is the same great bass tone of our SBC HE/S, plus options, options, and options. And they all make sense:...
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