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Taurus Dexter MK2

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Dexter MK-2

Polyphonic Octaver

The Dexter is a polyphonic Octaver which allows transposing an original note of one octave up and down. Both octaves can be used separately, mixed together as well as mixed with the original notes.

The 24-bit high quality DSP is responsible for polyphony of the effect. Each octave is controlled by two potentiometers: Level & Range.

Thanks to them, unwanted tones which sometimes occurs in octaves can be eliminated e.g. blurred clarity of sound or extensively altered sound of the instrument.

In practice it turns out that broadband signal processing by Octaver in certain situations may be unwanted. The bandwidth range potentiometers gives great precision, flexibility and freedom in shaping the sound of the instrument.


  • Level (-) Lo-octave level adjustment
  • Dry Level Dry signal level adjustment
  • Level (+) Hi-octave level adjustment
  • Range (-)Adjustment of the lower octave's scope. In Max position the lower octave operates throughout the entire bandwidth and responds to a whole range of sound. In MIN position the lowest bandwidth is limited which makes a lower octave response less effective to the scale of lowest notes. This way the lowest band sound that is illegible and blurs the sound of the instrument when playing in the lower registers are eliminated , leaving only the harmonics that are desirable.
  • Range (+) Adjustment of the upper octave's scope. In Max position of the upper octave operates throughout the entire bandwidth and effects whole range of sound. In Min position highest bandwidth for the upper octave is limited . This way the very high tones which after processing in the upper octave may sound too high and give an artificial character of some instruments are eliminated.
  • Power Supply Voltage Range (9-12V) Any power supply with power rating between 9 and 12V can be used.
  • Polarity Auto Detection Allows using either centre-positive or negative polarity on power supply, (any power supply with different polarity can be used).
  • DC Assitant Protection against signal loss. If disconnected or the voltage is lower then 6V the effect is automatically switched to the " bypass " mode.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 65 x 96 x 144mm
  • Weight 0.5kg


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