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Taurus Vechoor MK2

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Vechoor MK-2


The Vechoor Mk-2 is a Chorus/Flanger effect designed with two independent analog chorus circuits.

Both circuits work simultaneously and create a unique sound spectrum. Each of them is using a different type of modulation and its own sound characteristic which makes the sound of the instrument extremely moldable and saturated.

There are two separate control shaping systems : Chorus & Enhancer. As a result, at the output of the effect we are obtaining three mixed signals : the original sound plus Chorus and Enhancer - Chorus.

The combination of these three elements gives the impression of polyphone. The most characteristic feature of Vechoor MK-2 is that its sound modulation is very mild and aligned, harmonics saturation is very natural.

Vechoor's output allows Mono or Stereo configuration settings.


  • Depth Determines the degree of Chorus modulation
  • Mode Three way mode selector switch:
        Normal - Classic Chorus
  • Enhancer Adjustment of the chorus level, expanding polyphone sound in the low registers.
  • Rate Controls speed of Chorus modulation
  • Detune Determines the degree of Chorus and Enhancer detuning
  • Power Supply Voltage Range (9-12V) Any power supply with power rating between 9 and 12V can be used.
  • Polarity Auto Detection Allows using either centre-positive or negative polarity on power supply, (any power supply with different polarity can be used).
  • DC Assitant Protection against signal loss. If disconnected or the voltage is lower then 6V the effect is automatically switched to the " bypass " mode.
  • Mono/Stereo Mode Output

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 65 x 96 x 144mm
  • Weight 0.5kg


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