Taurus Zebu SL- Reverb- Delay Bass Effect Pedal-Silver Line

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Taurus Zebu- Reverb- Delay with true bypass
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Taurus- Zebu


ZEBU is a Taurus signed animal with an excellent memory. It will store and repeat all you can play - as many times as you need to and for as long as you need. It will echo you play. It will follow the sound leaving natural reverb, or it will do both. ZEBU is a fusion of two stereo effects: delay and reverb. It allows for any given mix between them two effects with or without the original sound of your instrument. This effect features high quality 24 bit DSP processor.

Effect features

  • Repeat - delay repeat knob
  • Delay - delay tempo knob (60 bpm-1200 bpm)
  • Reverb - reverb time knob
  • Balance - reverb/delay mix knob
  • Effect - wet/dry mix knob
  • Power supply: external power supply 12V/150mA
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 65 x 122 x 144mm
  • Gross weight: 1,1kg

Sound Sample

Click Here for Sound Samples

Artists Using the Taurus Zebu

  • Mark Egan
  • Etienne Mbappe
  • Wes Borland
  • Ruud Julie




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