Thomastik-Infeld JF344 Jazz Flat Wound 4 String Medium (43 - 56 - 70 - 100) Long Scale

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4 String, Jazz Bass, Flat Wound, Long scale (43, 56, 70, 100)
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With a highly pliable steel core wrapped with a silk inlay and pure nickel true ribbon flat windings, these strings deliver legendary T-I tone.


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Superior Flatwounds
By David Vogel from on 7/24/2016
I've switchhed yet another bass to these strings... I've tried most every brand to get flats that are flexible, accurate, & smooth to play. The high nickel content in these strings gets me much closer to a roundwound string sound without all of the clangy, scratchy noise of a rouundwound. With a set on my fretless bass and most all of my fretted ones: The action is very consistent and the round core makes them easy to bend and vibrato.