Zero Mod Jazz 1 Thumb Rest



Thumb rest for the Geddy Lee, Mexican, and American Jazz.


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In response to requests from Ric owners for a Fender version, we came up with this. Like the Zero Mod for Ric, it requires NO new holes and uses the existing pickguard screw holes to give you a thumb rest with solid feel and great range of position!.

The answer for many versions including the Geddy Lee, Mexican, and American Jazz. Just check the pic below to see if your pickguard screw pattern is compatible with the Zero-Mod Jazz

Question: Where Can I Buy a Zero Mod Jazz 1 Thumb Rest?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Worth the money. Not just for a Ric
By Doug
I have been playing bass for a few years and never had a thumb rest. I thought they were dumb looking. I had a chance to play a vintage 70's bass that had old style thumb rest. Liked it. I decided I wanted to install one on my newer 2017 but the look of a thumb rest was going to ruin my beautiful custom look bass.
The majority of my playing is finger style. I find that I am not as accurate (on time) without a thumb rest playing my E string.
I came across the Zero Mod for Jazz Bass. I have purchased one for a Ric last year, but never knew they had one for a Fender Jazz.

For the purchase of the Zero Mod for my Jazz I was a little reserved because of the price, but I liked that they came in clear. I did not have to drill holes in my pick guard, and I could remove it easily if I did not like it.
I mounted it a few weeks ago and never got to play it after the installed. WELL , I was surprised last Sunday, when I was playing my bass and needed to get busy with driving finger thumping. My thumb went to the ZERO Mod, like it had always been there for years. It made playing the E string so much easier. It was at that moment, the money was well spent.
Verified Buyer
Haven't Decided Yet
By Clark Johnson
This is such a wonderful idea that it would be fantastic if it worked perfectly, make my playing better, etc. I have run into a few user issues, however, in the design.

To start off, it was incredibly easy to install, so that is a positive note. And yes, it functions nicely as a thumb rest, particularly above the strings closer to the neck. Nice to have.

However, the flange around the upper screw hole sticks up and can interfere with hand placement. And, the edge of the thumb rest next to the strings is very sharp, and I can run into it when using my fingers aggressively. I'll try to sand that down a bit to soften the impact. Lastly, and this is a playing issue only, the placement of the thumb rest on the bass tends to favor the strings near the neck, giving a softer tone. I find that sometimes I have to deliberately remind myself to play nearer the bridge to get a sharper tone.

So, still getting used to this, and haven't decided to keep it on or not. I'll recommend it anyway because it is such a great concept.