Bartolini 'Classic Bass' Soapbar Dual-Coil Humcancelling



* Sets and Singles Available in 11 different sizes for 4, 5 and 6 String Basses *
Size/Purchasing Option 4-String5-String6-String
BB (88 x 36mm)
BC (100 x 32mm)
BD (100 x 36mm)
H65CBC - Set
H65CBC - T
H65CBC - B
H66CBC - Set
H66CBC - T
H66CBC - B
M34CBC Set
M44CBC Set
M55CBC Set
M56CBC Set
P2 (108 x 32mm)
P25CBC Set
P4 (117 x 32mm)
90P46CBC Set
$116.00 - $248.00
$116.00 - $248.00

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Soapbar Sets and Singles Available in 11 different sizes for 4, 5 and 6 String Basses

Soapbar shaped bass pickups. The dual coil design features powerful lows and low-mids – bright treble.

The “Classic Bass” series bass pickups are passive designs featuring an extended and more resonant frequency range. They have far more “air” and definition at the top without sacrificing lows and low mids. They are cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics.

BB – BB4CBC, “4 String” size

BC – BC4CBC, BC5CBC “4 & 5 String” size

  • BC4CBC will cover string spacing over the pickup of 50 - 59mm
  • BC5CBC will cover string spacing over the pickup up to 72mm
  • Pickup Length: 100mm (3.95")
  • Pickup Width: 32mm (1.25")
  • Click here for (Technical Drawing)

BD – BD4CBC, BD5CBC “4 & 5 String” size

CF – CF4CBC, CF5CBC “4 & 5 String” size

H6 – H65CBC, H66CBC “ 5 & 6 String” size

M3 (EMG 35) – M34CBC “4 String” size

M4 (EMG 40) – M44CBC, M45CBC “4 & 5 String” size

M5 (EMG 45) – M55CBC, M56CBC “5 & 6 String” size

MK – MK4CBC, MK5CBC, MK6CBC “ 4, 5, & 6 String” size

P2 – P2CBC “5 String” size

P4 – P4CBC “6 String” size

Please Note:Bartolini does not supply screws with their pickups. If you require pickup screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.

Question: Where Can I Buy a Bartolini 'Classic Bass' Soapbar Dual-Coil Humcancelling?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Best of both worlds!
By Victor
Bought this set a s a replacement for the original Bartolini MK1 pickups on my Ibanez SR506 bass.

First, this is a direct replacement, with no need for routing on the bass.

The result of this pickups is amazing, bringing new life to my bass with a beautiful bodied tone, with crisp clear highs, powerful minds and great bottom end.

Couldn’t be more happy, my Ibby used to be a good bass, now it’s a great bass!
Verified Buyer
awesome possum
By you know
bartolinis kick ass! i would have given it 5 stars but my phone wont scroll to access the 5 star option on my screen......FIVE STARS and two thumbs up...smooth response and VERY articulate on the low B
Verified Buyer
Great! Wow! just Awesome.!
By Duck OR Bishop
I love the Bartolini dual coil M45 CBC/ EMG40 pick up's, Bass lovers if you ever want a great sound that works, try them with a Aguilar OBP 3 Pre amp. wow! what a difference they make on any bass.
Verified Buyer
If in doubt upgrade your MK1s with these!!
By Tom Prithchard
After much debate over to upgrade the preamp or the pickups on my SR505, I chose to upgrade the MK1s to the MK5s. Let me tell you... AMAZING =] The MK1s sounded hollow and weak, never fully got the full tone I wanted from my bass, upgraded to the MK5s and the warm tone, the amount of sound they pickup, the low end I really can't say enough. I have had to turn down my amp to a level much more consistent with my SRX505, and I don't lose volume, or get any muffled notes unlike what I had with the MK1s.

My only question is for the ~$200 bucks spent on the upgrade, why didn't I just buy a higher end bass..... Doesn't matter I am in love with her again.

If you are looking for a huge upgrade to al already decent bass with MK1s I suggest the MK5s. You will immediately hear the difference and the versatility and enjoyment of your bass is sure to grow.
Verified Buyer
My sweet Barts.
By Clayton Duckworth sr.
One thing I love as a bass player, is a great set of pick-ups and pre-amp that will give me all the tone I love to hear. One of my best set of pick ups are the Barts double coil 5strings pick up. Wow! what a great sound my basses have. I will love to promote these pick ups to be placed in any bass along with a Bart pre amp. and all I got to say is " your bass will truly be notice above any bass that don't use them". Hats off to you Best Bass Gear, Keep making the best pick ups for me.
Verified Buyer
Love my MK-5's
By Lawrence Tracy
Great upgrade for my Ibanez SR. A much better sound than the stock MK-1s. If you have a bass with MK-1's, you should swap them out for these. These have a more defined bottom, more "air" and clearer highs. My luthier was impressed when he installed these, and called me to tell me how much better my bass sounded before I even had a chance to pick it up.
Verified Buyer
Great product
By Roan guitars - Andrea
Great product! I put this mic into a fretless bass in series, and I'm really satisfied, the description is consistent with the final result.
Verified Buyer
Great Pickups!
By Michael TamTam
I wanted to upgrade my SR505 (2016), not because I didn't like that sound of the stock electronics, which I did like. I never liked the sound of a neck or bridge pickup alone before. After I heard the Bartolini MK1 pickups on my SR505, I also really liked the sound of the neck pickup alone. Then after I got these new MK5CBCs, I can say I now also like the sound of either pickup on it's own. Another thing worth noting, I always disliked the sound of flat EQ on my onboard preamp. These pickups already sound great without having to boost or cut any EQ and I like to play slap and finger style.
Verified Buyer
I love this set!
By David
This set is a great upgrade for Ibanez SR basses that come standard with the Korean made MK1 pickups. Hotter output, deep lows, smooth highs, and the ability to go from humbucking to single coil with a tap switch.
Verified Buyer
Big Thick Sound for Rock, Finger Funk, country, Blues!
By John Cerio
Bought these along with 5.2/918 preamp to replace the weak stock electronics in my MTD Kingston Z5. Wow. Everything you could ever want is in there! Huge sounding pickups when paired with a preamp Gove you the ability to coax plenty of varied sounds. You do have to work a little to get a modern slap tone.
Verified Buyer
Love The Classic Bart's
By Shane Campbell
I wanted to upgrade my Ibanez BTB1605 that came with Nordstrand Big Singles to something a little more thick tone wise. I very familiar with USA Bartolini pickups having owned several Ibanez Prestige basses that has them and knew that i loved the sound. These have surpassed any Bartolini pickup I've ever used and lacks nothing. The tone is better on this bass than any I've had the pleasure of playing. Best Bass Gear is amazing and always goes the extra mile to make sure their customers get the product they need.
Verified Buyer
Bartolini transplant
By william Voight
the pickups are of the highest quality, the sevice and help from Best Bass Gear is second to none.
Verified Buyer
Perfect replacement PUP for my Lakland 44-01 bass
By coolhang
Very satisfied with the customer service I received @ "Best Bass Gear".
All my questions were answered and I received personal attention setting up my order.
This USA Bartolini MK4CBC-T PUP replaced the bridge MK-1 PUP that came stock on my Lakland 44-01 bass.
What a difference! - Like day and night.
I also replaced the stock neck MK-1 pickup with the matching USA Bartolini MK4CBC-B.
I had have also replaced the MK-1 pre-amp with a Audere "Classic" pre in my 44-01.
Very satisfied with this purchase experience @ "Best Bass Gear"!
My 44-01 now sounds great!
Verified Buyer
Awesome pickups
By Slade Kennedy
Bought these to replace stock pickups in an Ibanez SR305, which had ok stock pickups but sounded weak and hollow to me. These pickups paired with a new Aguilar pre (also bought from BestBassGear) and the bass is a banger. Shaking the house with these and the sound is lively and paired well with the pre. Excellent upgrade to a pretty decent bass.
Verified Buyer
Just as it was described
By Sean
a lot of "air" over the top-especially the string attack aspect of almost spits. Bartolini pickups are the best......period!
Verified Buyer
freelance player
By pat gallo
Excellent slap sound. Installed in my "95 Warwick Thumb bass with DR Hi-Beams. Very "Marcus-ee."
Searing highs. punchy bottom. Exactly what I was hoping to get out of this formerly mid heavy bass.
Used in conjunction with matching neck pickup, blend pot centered
Verified Buyer
freelance player
By Pat Gallo
Excellent slap sound. Installed in my "95 Warwick Thumb bass with DR Hi-Beams. Very "Marcus-ee."
Searing highs. punchy bottom. Exactly what I was hoping to get out of this formerly mid heavy bass.
Used in conjunction with matching bridge pickup, blend pot centered.
Verified Buyer
Bartolini mk 1 change out
By Alex Henderson
Just a quick review, if you happen to have a bass with the Asian MK1 pick ups, change them NOW, the difference is just crazy, totally difference sound, from boom to defined tone.Best money ever spent.
Verified Buyer
Upgrade for Ibanez SR506
By Peter Dunn
The body and neck on these basses is every bit as good as with instruments costing many times more. The cost saving in manufacture is made by the use of cut-price Korean pickups and a very poor preamp. An investment with Best Bass Gear of around $400 for genuine Bartolini pickups with their 5 knob preamp has made this into a top quality professional bass. Thanks BBG guys for excellent online service.
Verified Buyer
MK5CBC are an awesome replacement for the MK1s
By Christopher Thomas
I have a Lakeland 55-01 and was looking for an upgrade to the stock MK1s. The MK5CBC were a perfect fit and the Bartolini tone is just fantastic. I was thinking of going the Nordstrands, but wanted to keep a more modern sound and the Bartolini's are spot on. I have a Glockenklang preamp in the bass and I really can't find a bad tone. Oh, and Max from BestBassGear was just outstanding in helping me figure all this out. Will definitely buy from them again.
Verified Buyer
Bass/Guitar player
By Tom
Bought this pup as a replacement for my MK1 pup. Matches well to my other MK1 in the neck position. Also installed Glockenklang 4-bamd pre-amp in my Cort B5 and she has never sounded so sweet and musical. Thanks to BBG for the good service!
Verified Buyer
By Charles Stroud
Fantastic pickups. Really come to life when wired with a 3 way switch for inner/outer/series coils. Amazing.
Verified Buyer
Bartolinis are the Best-olinis!
By Noel Goetowski
Had these installed just recently, and they're FANTASTIC! WAY better than the old Chinese ones.
Verified Buyer
Great Classic Bartolini Punch
By Andy
This pickup works great for a wide variety of styles, nice deep lows, powerful mids, and bright highs.
Verified Buyer
Bart pickup
By David Holbrook
This is a great pickup. Full, strong, has a bit more treble on the treble side but not too much. Its wiring choices, being a 4 wire pickup, is wonderful and will deliver the tone for finger style playing. Love it. Would buy another through these guys for sure. great service and products.
Verified Buyer
Song Writer Producer
Outstanding. I put these pickups in my Peavey Cirrus 5 with the 5.4 preamp and now I have a ton of tones at my disposal. The very first recording I did with this set up sounds incredible.
Verified Buyer
By dave fasick
I put a set of these babies into my yamaha trb1005 with an audere 4 band preamp.The sounds i get from this $700 bass are simply WONDERFUL!! It has become my go to bass.I highly recommend these pups. Thank you Max for all your help!! Thank you BBG.
Verified Buyer
Bartolini is my personal top choice for soap bar pickups
By Pete Dunn
This pair of Classic Bass soap bars are fitted, together with a 3 band Bartolini preamp, into a 12 year old Ibanez Sound Gear bass. Now only the newly stripped and oiled mahogany body and neck are original. The Gotoh tuners,Hipshot 'A'style bridge, even the knobs are all ex. Best Bass Gear. Fantastic bass now. Australian Musos helping the US economy!
Verified Buyer
Perfect Fit!
By Devin Harry Paul
I've done alot of pickup replacements on bass over the years being a guitar tech and i have to say... These are the best bass p-ups i've installed yet.

They were the perfect fit and tone (installed on Peavey Grind 5 string). The mid punch/bright treble was excellent both in active and passive mode.

I paired it with the matched neck pickup and a Bartolini 4.5 Preamp. I'm so impressed withthis config that i'm going to install it on one of my own.
Verified Buyer
Bass guitarist
By Jim
As with all Bartolini pickups, I was not disappointed with the sound I now get out of my bass. Bartolini makes the best - and I've used them all. Been playing guitar and bass for over 40 years and professionally for 30. You can depend on Bartolini. Also, Best Bass Gear is a pleasure to do business with. Try them out!
Verified Buyer
Bass guitarist
By Jim
As with all Bartolini pickups, I was not disappointed with the sound I now get out of my bass. Bartolini makes the best - and I've used them all. Been playing guitar and bass for over 40 years and professionally for 30. You can depend on Bartolini. Also, Best Bass Gear is a pleasure to do business with. Try them out!
Verified Buyer
Excellent for Ibanez AGB 140 semi acoustic bass
By Stephen
I was looking for a replacement pickup for the Ibanez AGB 140. So I ordered after some research in the www, the Bartolini M34CBC-B (neck) from bestbassgear.
Additionally I installed an ON/ON/ON switch and did a series/parallel/ bridge only - design. The result is amazing, warm, colorful, vivid, transparent... and finally the possibility for different sounds. did an excellent job. Very fast international shipping, helpful and very friendly communication.
Verified Buyer
These sh!t on EMG HZ p/u's
By Simon
I bought the bridge and neck models to replace my EMG HZ stock pickups and they sound amazing. The EMG HZ sounded very sterile with a harsh top end. The Bartolini's on the other hand, have this amazing character to them. They sound a lot warmer and fuller, top end is no where near as harsh, and there is no noticable difference in output to my ears. Very happy with too... free shipping to Australia... can't beat that, or the price! Thanks
Verified Buyer
really satisfied
By daniel e
Ordered the picks on Monday and they were here on Friday! The sound is exactly what I expected: warm and clear/well definend, with enough growl and output; I highly recommend these Barths!
Verified Buyer
By David L. Underwood
I run a small guitar repair shop and do allot of pickup and electronics mod's for my clients. The Bartolili pickups and preamps are top notch. The tone is pure and sweet.Singing hi's puncy mids and plenty off depth. This system went into a 5 string Schecter.When my the owner picked it up he swore it sounded better than his (very hi-end) bass!
Verified Buyer
By John Peresada
Great upgrade for Roscoe bass