Lace Man O' War 4 String Jazz L/S Size Split Coil Set

SKU:BBG 6805

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4 String Split Coil Humcancelling Jazz Bass Pickup Set
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The Lace Man O' War J Bass utilizes patented Lace Sensor technology, voiced in an aggressive yet controlled tone.

The Man O' War electric bass pickup features precise harmonic content with an attitude that cuts through in any situation. Low magnetic pull increases sustain and its broad dynamic range will drive amps and effects better.

The Man O' War J Pickup provides a vintage vibe with some modern punch and definition.

Great for Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Prog, and Country.

Tonally these are in your face, and punchy with dynamic bass, sweet upper midrange, and a silky smooth top end that will make your presence known!.

Technical Specifications

  • Position:Neck and Bridge
  • DC Resistance(Neck):9.1k Ohms
  • DC Resistance(Bridge):10.0k Ohms
  • Inductance(Neck):4.4 Henries
  • Inductance(Bridge):5.1 Henries
  • Peak Frequency(Neck):2580 Hz
  • Peak Frequency(Bridge):2300 Hz


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