Nordstrand JC-3b PREWIRED 3-band Vol P/P - Bl - Treb P/P - Mid - Bass P/P

SKU:BBG 8126

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The JC-3b preamp is specifically configured to work with the Dual Big BladeMan pickups
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JC-3b Preamp

JC-3b - PREWIRED - 3 band bass preamp with volume (pull passive), blend, treble (push/pull neck pickup - series down, parallel up), mids (1kHz down, pull up for 400Hz), bass (push/pull bridge pickup - series down, parallel up)

The JC-3b preamp is specifically configured to work with the Dual Big BladeMan pickups. We use a 500k volume pot and the common side of the blend pot is left ungrounded. Also, we have trim pots mounted for each pickups that allow one to balance (turn down) the series output to the parallel output. With all of these tweaks, the JC 3 band preamp, when combined with the Dual Big BladeMan pickups provides a rarefied degree of versatility, delivering everything from a mid forward grindy presence to a super fat, wide, and deep modern sound with loads of punch.

It sounds amazing with the Big BladeMan pickups! But those pickups also work fine with a standard 2B or 3B preamp, and most likely other preamps out there. The point of the JC preamp is to be able to run the Big BladeMan pickups in series without an overwhelmingly hot signal.

With a standard preamp, typical wiring for the Big BladeMan would be in parallel.


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