Dimarzio DP127BK (With Control Plate) 4 String Precision Size Split P Split Coil Pickup



4 string Split Coil Pbass Pickup w/PickGuard
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Widen the sound of your gear with a Split P® pickup. Each half of this unique double-blade P-style pickup is a complete humbucker. Split P ® pickups are EQ'd to expand the range of your bass by extending both low and high-end response: a great way to get a borader comptemporary sound from mid-rangy one-pickup-in-the-middle basses. The double-blade design adds snap for crisp attack and emphasizes cool overtones for big, smooth tone. Blade pole pieces also make the Split P®very sensitive to finger and pick attack. Notes seem to ring longer, especially in the upper registers, as the pickup 'hears' the decaying note practically down to a whisper.

DiMarzio now offers pre-wired pickguards and pickup sets with solderless installation. The prewired pickguards are direct drop-in replacements with no soldering or assembly required. The prewired sets include all pickups and controls ready to install and connect with no soldering.

Includes: Laminated white - black - white pickguard, black pickups, knobs, solderless installation.


  • Length = 2.23"(56.6mm) Width = 1.10"(27.9mm)

Please Note:Dimarzio supplies black screws with their pickups. If you require black or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.


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Di Marzio P Set-Up
By Michael Salazar
This package allow you to replace the pickups, pickguard, controls w/knobs and pots in one operation. The pots are CTS, the jack Switchcraft,
the p/u's are the legendary DiMarzio P set.
This unit is quality stuff in an simple ready to go format. P basses with top mounted jack are famous for breaking the p/g at the jack, always take care.
I'd recommend this unit as a big upgrade for any number of lower cost P basses, squire, etc.
Sounds good Like a P Bass Should!