Lindy Fralin P 4 String Precision Size Split Coil Pickup



4 string Split Coil Pbass Pickup
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Lindy Fralin is making these. We will have more of these within 2-4 weeks. Order it now, to reserve your place in line and we'll ship it the same day we receive it from Lindy Fralin.


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Fender Basses have defined the electric bass since its invention. Lindy Fralin's Jazz Bass Replacement Style and P-Bass Style replacement pickups offer a loud, clear and even response to four string bass players. Using ALNICO V magnets and 42 gauge Heavy Formvar wire, they are all hand wound to vintage specifications.

PBass Replacement Pickups are wound to 10 K.


  • Length = 2.20"(56mm) Width = 1.08"(28mm)

Please Note:Fralin supplies chrome screws with their pickups. If you require black or gold screws, we carry them on our pickup screws page.

Click Here for Pickup Screws.

Question: Where Can I Buy a Lindy Fralin P 4 String Precision Size Split Coil Pickup?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Best P bass Pup I have used
By Logan Rainard
Hands down the best sounding Pbass Pickup I have used (I have tried many). It's a classic sounding Pup the has a well defined mid-range that cuts through the mix in a way that is aggressive but not obnoxious. Very versatile, everything from Live at Leeds clang to Motown thud. When people talk about P bass "growl" this pup delivers what they are talking about.
Verified Buyer
Gets the Classic Rock sound!
By Billy Charles
I needed to replace the active EMG's i had in my 1981 Hondo Longhorn bass. I hadn't played the bass in a while and the sound was just TOO bright! I prefer mids and lows like Berry Oakley had on the Allman Brothers, Fillmore East album. The Lindy Fralin pickup gave me exactly that sound. I love the look of my 35-year old Longhorn guitar and now love the sound of it as well!
Verified Buyer
By Frank
I had to replace a dead pickup on a 81 Fender Precision Special.
This pickup offered the same great character as the genuine one, with a fatter and tighter low mids.
The high mids are well present without any harshness and the treble are smooth and don't enhance fret noise. Volume output is nice too.
An outstanding, high quality handmade pickup that i highly recommend for a direct replacement on a vintage P.
Very fast shipping from BestBassGear, thank you.
Verified Buyer
Fat low with clear tone
By Big D
I mostly play an acoustic bass with our worship music team at our church. I needed an electric bass and didn't want to break the bank so I bought a Fender American Special P bass. Fender had to cut corners somewhere to keep the cost down and the pickups must have been their starting point. It is a high quality guitar but it sounded like crap. I did a ton off research to find some pickups that had that low fat clear tone with clear being the key word and the Lindy Fralin pickups ended up being the only choice. After replacing the pickups in my Fender and plugging it into my Ampeg I was floored by the results. These pickups nailed the tone I was looking for; low, fat, with awesome clarity.
Verified Buyer
By Dale Keown
I heard a lot of good things about this pickup and had to order it. Let me tell you. This is the best p bass pickup I've ever heard. I had a DiMarzio split p in my p bass and the Lindy Fralin makes it sound like it's under water in a cardboard box. You will not be disappointed in this pickup. It sounds incredible. Aggressive, tight, articulate, warm and smooth all at the same time.