Music Man

  1. Aero MM4 PHC 4 String Parallel Wind MM Size Dual Coil Pickup

    4-String Parallel Dual Coil Humcancelling MusicMan Pickup
    The MMPHC Pickup is a parallel humcancelling MusicMan version designed for use with or without a preamp. Either coil can be used as single coil pickup. This pickup utilizes Alnico V magnet. This pickup is intended for 19.20mm spacing Please...
  2. Seymour Duncan SMB-5a 5 String MV(Ernie Ball MM) Size Alnico V Dual Coil Pickup

    5 String Dual Coil MusicMan Ernie Ball Size Bass Pickup
    1976-voiced humbucker. Great for blues, funk, classic rock, southern rock, jam, and hard rock. The Alnico magnets, together with unique coil windings, have the effect of extending both ends of the frequency spectrum beyond that of the ceramic...
  3. Seymour Duncan SMB-5d 5 String MV(Ernie Ball MM) Size Ceramic Dual Coil Pickup

    5 String Dual Coil Humcancelling Musicman ® pickup
    Hotter pickup. Recommended for classic rock, heavy rock, funk, punk, R&B, and metal. This hum-canceling pickup offers a balanced, highly musical tone contour with a richly articulated bottom, lots of midrange, and biting treble. It's got...
  4. Delano MC5 AL 5 String DL5(MusicMan Xtend) Size Dual Coil Pickup

    5 string Dual Coil MusicMan Extended Size Bass Pickup
    This is our fivestring alnico MC5 AL humbucking pickup. Ten large individual Alnico 5 magnets create a large sensing field for a big and solid fivestring tone with strong transients and great definition. Two XL size coils are custom blended for...