Nordstrand 2B-MM 1-Pickup 3-Knob 2-Band Vol - Treb - Bass

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1 Pickup, 3 Knob: Volume, Treble, Bass

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Nordstrand makes these by hand and they need a little time. Based on past experience, it typically takes 4-8 weeks to get these to us. Order it now, to reserve your place in line, and we will ship it to you when we receive it from Nordstrand.


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Control Configuration

  • Volume
  • Treble
  • Bass

For everyone looking for that old school pre-Ernie Ball® Music Man@reg; tone, Nordstrand Pickups has the preamp for you.

The 2B-MM preamp is a faithful reproduction of the original 2-band Music Man ® preamp.

Like the original Music Man preamp, the bass control is boost only, and while the treble control is boost and cut, it does not have a center detent. The controls are very interactive, and it nails the vintage Music Man tone.

Hand-built in Nordstand"

Question: Where Can I Buy a Nordstrand 2B-MM 1-Pickup 3-Knob 2-Band Vol - Treb - Bas?

Answer: You can buy this from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs


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Verified Buyer
Way over priced
By Pete Ryan
Ok, It does make my bass sound better, but at this cost, this product gets a hugh ding in the value catagory
Now that I see what this is, I could have etched my own circuit board and purchased for much less money.

Verified Buyer
Awsome preamp
By Angel Marrero
Awsome preamp. It made my Sterling Sub Ray 4 string sound like a Classic Stingray. The bass knob has a nice boost at 40 hz and the treble at 10 khz with boost and cut. Great price and quality that can't be beat. Thanks Best Bass Gear and Nordstrand.
Verified Buyer
Nordstrand:preamp 2B-mm
By Kenneth Jennetti
I got this preamp to put in a Frankenstein Chinese Bass I was putting together for a backup to my 1979 MM Sting-Ray. I could not believe how good this preamp sounded. I have a Mighty Mite pickup in it and I actually like the sound better than the Music Man. I would recommend this preamp to anyone who is looking for that pre Ernie sound.